Design Trends To Inspire You For The New Year

Happy New Year! 
While it’s true the classic white kitchen will never go out of style, fun new design trends are already appearing to add some unexpected pops of colour or dark, sultry tones to your living space. Warm and organic colours are in, and we’re also seeing these earthy palettes combined with nuanced, sleek design: perfect for those who still prefer the minimalist approach but want to stay with the trends.

Read our expert tips below to gain some long-lasting design ideas, and set yourself on the right track for your kitchen renovation plans in 2021!

Colorful Kitchen Islands: if you have a white or otherwise subdued, neutral kitchen, utilize a bright and vibrant colour on your island! It will stand out beautifully against the other white cabinets and/or walls. Likewise, brightly coloured cabinets in a neutral space will add that cheery pop of colour you might be craving. Pair the cabinets with a fun backsplash for something truly eye-catching.

If you’re not a huge fan of colour and prefer a more deep or sultry look, start with black cabinets. They will look great paired with sleek, natural wood, open shelving, and rich, hardwood floors.

Earthy tones are a big design trend for 2021 all across the board. Subdued light yellows and greens will boast an organic feel and are a great option for your cabinets. Plus, organic colours are always a healthy and refreshing option in a kitchen space and will foster a clear mind.

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Area: maximize your living space and gain a fresh perspective by making the family room and kitchen all one large room. Simply mix your sources of lighting to differentiate the areas. A unified wall colour all throughout will keep everything flowing nicely.

A pretty pantry is not only pleasing to the eye, but it’s a practical solution to save space and store goods. Beautiful, almost artistic pantries have become a kitchen trend recently, and are a fun project to take on. The days of the dark, dingy little pantry space to store your potatoes and pickled goods are gone. A pantry space with a screened door and bright pops of colour will make you proud to show off your organizational skill-set.

Whether you’re designing your custom home or renovating your kitchen space, it’s the intricacies in the accents, cabinets, and countertops that can really make or break the space. It always pays to do your research and have a plan. Better yet, make an appointment with our team of professionals at Hawthorne Kitchens! They will be happy to show all of the locally manufactured options we have specifically in our cabinets and countertops, and will help bring your kitchen dreams into reality.