Hawthorne Kitchens - Stone Countertops

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a material that has been used in countless applications through the years. It is a very hard and durable material, it also has a high resistance to hear which can make it a great choice for your kitchen. Because this is a natural stone each piece is truly unique in design, this presents both advantages and disadvantages. There will be some layouts where this will not be ideal such as having a large area where we need to use multiple slabs, we can never guarantee that one slab will be a copy of the other. Now saying this, natural stone can be a great cost-effective option for your home and its natural unique beauty can truly be incredible.

  • Natural stone can vary quite dramatically between different slabs
  • Natural stone is porous and may stain
  • Veining is unpredictable and matching will not be expected
  • Seams WILL be visible and you WILL be able to feel where the two pieces meet. This will vary based on thickness based on colour, pattern, thickness of the slab, and depending on the surface they are being installed on. We will always do our best to make sure that you are happy with the seam, however you must have realistic expectations.
  • Hawthorne Kitchens will have the final say over seam placement and quantity


  • Warranty on seams is good for 2 years as long as it is truly a workmanship or product defect issue. Beyond this we may agree to do a repair, however it will be a billable service
  • There is no warranty on the material itself, because it is a natural stone it can be unpredictable
  • The warranty does not cover the following: Misuse, failure to seal, stains, Damage due to abuse, improper cleaning practise, the warranty is not passed over upon sale of home


  • The best cleaner for any stone countertop is a basic PH neutral dish soap and water
  • You should not use any harsh cleaner or any that contain bleach or abrasives
  • You should not use any abrasive scrubbing pad as it may leave behind scratches