Kitchen Redesign Done Right & At The Right Time – August 2021

Red Kitchen with Cabinets

Could you make improvements to your indoor lifestyle?

Now is the perfect chance. We are spending more time at home than we ever have before and due to this, we are completely rethinking how we experience, live in and use our space. Primarily, the kitchen: the room we spend the most time in. The key now is to create a space that’s not only functional and looks good, but to take it one step further… To have a space that inspires and cultivates positive emotions. Everyone’s experience with the pandemic has been unique but the bottom line is we are all spending more time at home, which presents new challenges, new ways to adapt, and new reasons to create a space that speaks to us.

Whether you’re trying to stay as economical as possible or you’re ready to fully execute the dream kitchen you’re always wanted, our team of kitchen experts are here to help get this underway and liven up your space! However, we want you to come prepared for this journey.

Where do you start? What can you expect?

Here’s the process.

To start planning your custom kitchen there’s a four step process we ask our clients to follow. This makes building your custom kitchen super easy and fun for both the client and the designer! 

Step 1 – Plan:
 Really take the time to enjoy this process and to gather inspirational photos. This phase should be done on your own time, at your own pace. Collect inspiration for colours, must-have ideas, storage needs and appliances. Also take this opportunity to determine your budget, educate yourself on various products available, and get an idea for what your kitchen would feel like. Gather measurements or get a copy of your design blueprint, if possible. Take a look at our “how to measure your kitchen” guide in the FAQ to help you get started. We’ll help you from here.

Step 2 – Design: Make your appointment and let one of our expert kitchen designers at our Kingston showroom guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end. This phase can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project, your list of wants and needs, and how much “homework” you have done. The best part: it will be designed within your budget.

Step 3 – Build! Now it’s time for the fun to really begin. Watch your beautiful new design and custom made cabinetry come to life, created for you by our skilled craftsmen. This phase typically takes 6 weeks.

Step 4 -The Install: Your breath-taking, well-planned kitchen is made real with proper installation by our skilled installation experts. Note: the cabinet installation phase typically takes up to one week.

Step 5 – Enjoy. Revel at your new space after experiencing exceptional service from beginning to end. Each job will be handled with the utmost attention, from inception to completion. Once your project is complete, you can start to relax, entertain, and brighten your home with time spent in your new Hawthorne Kitchen.

What Trends Should I Look For When Planning?

You’ve looked at your kitchen critically and have decided to plan out your renovation – congratulations on taking the leap! You won’t regret it. Now it’s time to map out what exactly you want to do with your new space to make it yours. Here’s a list of just a few uplifting kitchen trends that have made a big impact in 2021 that will also prove to be timeless and worth adding into your reno.

  • You can save space and money with Compact Design Methods and if that’s what you’re looking for, our team can come up with design options where every inch of the space is used efficiently. Dedicating one wall to cabinets is a great way to streamline and free up the rest of your kitchen. Or, utilize a floating island for maximum efficiency, storage and seating, while gaining peace of mind knowing it’s not there to stay if you find things getting too cluttered.
  • Ravishing Red. The ultimate mood enhancing colour! Red is the colour of passion and stimulates hunger. With so much more time spent indoors, the trend is to gravitate to more bold colours to bring your space to life and really make you feel something each time you walk into that space. If you’re not ready to take a big risk, there are many muted shades of red we can recommend to you that will be timeless.
  • Dark surfaces, which look great when combined with a ravishing red! Darker-toned countertops are fantastically sophisticated when contrasting with colour pops in walls and furniture.
  • Class it up with Marble. The durability aspect is just a small part of why we recommend this great material. It looks fantastic when paired with woods, metals, or bass. The “more veiny”, the better. Envelop yourself with a feeling of luxury each time you enter the space and make the most out of marble!
  • Statement taps, like beautiful brass, to always catch your attention when you enter the space. Brass taps fit into the niche of modern yet rustic with a look that’s always interesting and eye-catching. Match your kitchen cupboard handles with your unconventional brass tap to complete this ensemble and add intrigue.
  • Explore Structured simplicity because less truly does equal more! Being a minimalist when it comes to your kitchen also means practicality is key. Who would love a functional, streamlined kitchen?
  • Make a statement simply by implementing a fun backsplash. Whether it’s with creative tile patterns or you’re going from the countertop to the ceiling with the material. Both light and dark are great options for your backsplash.
  • Utilize a smarter way to store and clear counter space. Stacked storage, cabinets and shelving in your island, and creative hidden cupboards around the kitchen. Google “Kitchen Larder”: we promise it will become your new best friend!
  • Mudrooms are worth it if you like the idea. Who doesn’t want extra space to house everyday essentials separate from the main kitchen, yet still have it be cohesive with that primary space? Keep up on your housekeeping and organization with a great mudroom. 

So don’t wait! The time to now. Change your outlook by changing your kitchen space to reflect your new lifestyle. Let’s talk about your project! Schedule a consultation with one of our Kitchen Renovation Experts today.