Your Dream Kitchen Built Into Reality

Plan: It’s during this phase of a kitchen reno that you will be doing the most work – and it’s the most fun part! Utilize websites like Houzz and Pinterest to gather inspiration. Take the time to find detail oriented inspiration like specific knob designs, finishes and paint colours, but also more generalized aspects of the kitchen such as the style (modern, minimal, etc.

During this phase, it’s important to asses the needs of your kitchen based on your lifestyle. This will help you decide on storage options and appliances.

You’ll also want to start taking measurements of your kitchen. To measure your kitchen properly, follow our guide:

  1. Walls – Measure along all walls corner to corner.
  2. Doors – Measure from corner to outside edge of door casing. Measure door outside of trim to outside of trim. (if trim on door)
  3. Window width – Measure from corner to outside edge of window casing. Measure window outside of trim to outside of trim.
  4. Window Height – measure from floor to bottom of window trim. Measure window outside of trim to outside of trim.
  5. Appliance location – If you are keeping the same appliances measure the width, height and depth of all your appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave). Measure from the corner to the edge of each appliance to note its location on the wall.
  6. Sink center – Measure from the corner to the center of your sink
  7. Outlets, switches and vents – measure from the corner to the edge of any outlets, switches and vents that may interfere with the cabinet design.
  8. Ceiling Height – Measure from the floor to the ceiling. If there are bulkheads measure from the floor to the bottom of the bulkhead, the height of the bulkhead and the depth.

After this phase has been completed, you’re ready for our design team to take over!

Design: Our skilled design team will work with you to make your kitchen inspiration a reality – and stay within budget. This phase can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project, your wish list, and how much ‘homework’ you have done.

Build: The same amount of care and thought that is put into the design of your kitchen is put into the build process. We craft your custom cabinetry on-site, so there’s a clear line of communication between designer and craftsman (and you)! This phase typically takes 6 weeks.

Enjoy: Once the building and cleanup is completed – you’re ready to start living with your dream kitchen!