Hawthorne Kitchens - Stone Countertops


Quartz countertops are made from a mixture of natural quartz (one of the hardest minerals found in the earth) as well as resin and glass or metallic flecks to create the beautiful designs you can find in our showroom. Quartz is non-porous which means that it will not allow bacteria to grow, it is also very stain resistant. Quartz provides a wide variety of designs and is the lowest maintenance counter material you will find. You will never need to seal this product.


  • The best cleaner for Quartz is water with a PH neutral dish soap on a damp cloth
  • Another good cleaner is the LIQUID Vim Oxy Gel all purpose cleaner
  • Do not use anything with a bleach base or an acidic effect.
  • Do not use any type of degreasing agent such as those found in oven cleaner
  • Do not place anything hot on the surface, some people try to use a rule of thumb but really if there is any question it is better to use a heat pad. Once Quartz is burnt, unfortunately there is no fix as it will burn into the resin deep in the material.
  • Do not attempt to clean with any type of abrasive such as steel wool or soap with particulate in it, these will result in a scratched surface.


Hawthorne Kitchens will repair issues that are a result of an error in workmanship for 2 years. This includes things such as seam separation, cracked caulking, sink separating from the top.

Hawthorne Kitchens will not be responsible for any issues that result from:

  • Accidents, alterations, or damage to the counter due to misuse or abuse
  • Scratches caused by dragging items, particularly items made of stone or steel
  • Issues to the finish caused by using improper cleaners or chemicals
  • Heat marks caused by not protecting the countertop with a heat pad
  • Chips or other damage caused by something heavy striking the surface or the edge
  • Any material that was re-installed or moved

Silestone Quartz comes with a phenomenal 25 year limited warranty.