Spice Up Your Kitchen this February

Kitchen Mood Board

Happy Love Month! The temperatures may be cold, that’s not a negative thing! In fact, the team at Hawthorne Kitchens believes the colder months are the best time to embrace the comforts of home and discover new ways to spice up your life… Especially in February, when we give more thought to what we love, what makes us feel passionate about the world around us and how we can share those feelings with others. Making sure your kitchen is both captivating and functional is a great place to start if you’re looking to reignite that love for the hub of your home. We hope you enjoy this blog filled with simple and fun ways to liven up your kitchen and fall in love with the space. Enjoy! 

Functionality With Some Romantic Flair

We’re starting off strong here, because we know how much you loved the useful, heart-shaped appliances in last February’s blog! Today, we’re updating that product list for 2024 with even more sweet selections. Check out these appliances that are sure to make you smile when you use them, and also make it a cinch to set that table for two.

Spice Up the Space Through These Small Changes! 

  • Exciting Accents: If it’s not time for a full-scale reno, there are still smaller changes that can be made to make your kitchen look brand new! For example, a tile or stone backsplash can give your kitchen a rich and contemporary look without changing anything in the layout. Pair it with a new paint colour and you’ve basically got a new-to-you kitchen! Plus, backsplashes are another barrier of protection from spills. 
  • Set the Mood: Good, versatile lighting creates ambiance for different times of day and moods. Under-cabinet lighting in particular can give the space a calming, modern glow. It can be as simple as using strip LED lights.
  • Add Some Flair to your Door and Cupboard Hardware: A less expensive way to give your kitchen a glow up! Switching out door knobs, cupboard handles and drawer handles can seriously refresh the look of your space for something more modern that suits your unique style. 
  • Beautiful Blue: Another way to reignite a passion for your kitchen space? Embrace the 2024 trend of incorporating calming blue tones in your cabinets! Not only will you get to experience the soothing effects of shades inspired by the beauty of water, these dark shades also cleverly conceal grease and dirt, making cleaning your cabinets a breeze. Low-maintenance elegance is something to fall for!

Restaurant-Inspired Romance At Home!

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. What’s a romantic, ambient kitchen without some tantalizing recipes in your book? Here are some indulgent recipes you may feel inspired to try this love month! Treat yourself, or share them with someone special.

The team at Hawthorne Kitchens Kingston wishes you all the best this February and hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day! Please don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation if you have any questions about a custom kitchen renovation. We cannot wait to design a perfect kitchen for you that will ensure you always look forward to coming home.