Kitchen Design Trends That Will Make Waves in 2024!

Happy New Year! What are your dreams for 2024? The last few years have been so fast paced and many of us are feeling the repercussions of that. This is leading more of us to think critically about our wellness, going back to our roots of what truly speaks to us. Things like sustainable and calming ways of living, and what really ignites us from within. We can choose to reflect this in our living spaces, while also finding ways to have value and functionally find their “sweet spot” in our kitchen aesthetics. What’s exciting is that design trends in 2024 – namely in the kitchen – are reflective of these positive changes! Natural, captivating, calm and unifying are descriptors that come to mind when designing or renovating your kitchen in line with these fun new trends! So, grab your favourite hot beverage, immerse yourself and open your mind to the possibilities of a new year full of calm and comfort through our first blog of the year. Enjoy.

Soothing, Contemporary Design Elements to Enhance the Space

This year – and as predicted for the next few years – stark white walls, grey cabinets and clunky appliances like trash compactors are making their exit, allowing wood tones, warmer neutrals and earthy tones/elements to make their way in. Here are just a few design elements that will be rising in popularity for custom kitchen designs.

  • Quartz Countertops: This one is music to our ears! Other countertops such as granite and marble will always remain a popular choice as well, but quartz is key for some great reasons. It’s easy to clean but also resistant to stains and heat, making it a highly durable option and a great investment. Plus, they pair beautifully with a very diverse collection of paint and cabinet colour choices.
  • Statement Range Hoods: Adding an attractive range is a great way to make your space feel more elegant, creating a focal point and a custom accent.
  • Kitchen Islands as a Gathering Space: Kitchen islands, in some respects, are on their way to replacing the dining room table. They’re getting larger and more functional, meaning bigger islands and more cabinet components are popular options to really utilize this space.
  • Statement Stone Slabs: Large “statement” backsplashes create a captivating, seamless look. Marble, porcelain or quartz are all great options for a modern look in this area.
  • Back Lighting: We know that lighting has a crucial impact on not just the way a kitchen looks, but the way it functions as well for the multiple uses in this space.
  • Gold Accents! We are seeing more and more gold faucets, frames and hardware entering the scene in 2024, with a matte or brushed finish being the most popular (stainless steel and black will always remain popular choices, however.

Captivating Colour Trends for January 2024. 

  • Dare to go Bold and Beautiful! Mood-boosting colours that make your heart happy are the way to go starting in 2024. Not to a jarring level where they feel overwhelming when you enter the space, but something that feels very energizing and inviting, and ties in to the rest of the space, through complementary or subdued shades through your kitchen cabinets and flooring choices.
  • Blue Kitchens! Inspired by coastal vibes and the ocean, homeowners are starting to get more adventurous with a variety of blue shades in their kitchens, which often show themselves through bold cabinetry choices paired with more warm or neutral accents elsewhere in the kitchen. 
  • Warm, Textural Tones: Bold but warm off-whites and creamy tones are a safe way to re-energize a space while still adding contemporary vibrance.
  • Green. It’s official: Green kitchens are IN and here to stay for quite some time. This colour, always rich, is rising in popularity due to the calming essence it provides when in a room, connecting us with nature. Anything from the tones found in a lush forest to the immersive green tones found in large bodies of water, such as oceans.

Based on these trends, here are some great colour inspiration ideas from Benjamin Moore!

Sherwood Green HC-118 Butter Cream CC-260 Prussian Blue CW-625 Silvery Blue 1647

Comfort Foods for a Cozy January

Now that we’ve established that “ease” and “comfort” are vibes that we’re carrying into our kitchen in 2024, we cannot forget some cozy recipes that you’ll surely appreciate as you find your footing during a brand new year. Use these easy, comfort food recipes to ward off the winter blues and bring excitement to your nights in at home this January! Save the one-pot recipes for when you’re really looking to impress, but are strapped on energy/time.


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