The Hawthorne Guide to Custom Cabinets

When opting for custom cabinets, you will be faced with many design decisions. It’s easy enough to find a photo on Pinterest and decide “that’s what I want”, but it might not suit your space or lifestyle.

The huge benefit of anything that is made custom is that it will improve the areas of your life (or kitchen) that cause you daily stress.

Here are some aspects of cabinet design that should be thoughtfully considered to design a kitchen that will be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing:

Door Styles:
A cabinet door with intricate detail will show dust easier and require a little extra time when it comes to cleaning. It’s possible to stick to a more minimal door style and have a luxurious kitchen design overall. Make up for these details in your decor or counter finish!

The darker the finish of your cabinets, the darker your kitchen will appear. If your kitchen is on the smaller side or doesn’t see a lot of natural light, it might be best to consider a lighter finish!

Before getting attached to a finish colour, it’s important to consider that some colours are trendy and “in the moment”, while others are timeless. Colour will significantly change the overall mood of the room, so choose wisely!

Cabinet Accessories:
This is where the functionality of your kitchen can be greatly improved upon. Think about the things that frustrate you the most about your current kitchen – having to clear space every time you want to use an appliance, rummaging around for your olive oil or even the dissatisfaction of having a garbage pail take up precious floor space.

This is where your accessory choices can improve your life. Consider an appliance lift, so you can quickly use your mixer without having to bring the cooking process to a halt. A pull-out cooking oil and vinegar storage unit will make your oils and other cooking staples easily accessible. And a pull out garbage drawer will keep your garbage organized and out of sight.