Small Kitchen? Big Plans? No Problem!

Whether you are buying your first home, or renovating your current one, making sure your items are stored in a way that is both efficient and appealing at the same time, can be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of some savvy storage trends, that have proven to be both.

Custom Pantry – Having a custom pantry installed can seem intimidating to most customers and may be seen as an added expense. However, it offers plenty of benefits. Firstly, you are able to match the style to your particular taste. It can be an added statement piece if you should choose.

Pull Out Trash Can – This trend has become increasingly popular with homeowners! Not only does it create more floor space, but it also allows you to remove your garbage disposal out of view, which can be an eyesore at best.

Corner Drawers – Corner cupboards are installed, usually with a spinning shelf to access your items. While some find the idea of a “Lazy Suzan” style cupboard to be difficult to deal with, the idea is that it utilizes the corner of your kitchen, a space that is often lost. It will really be dependent on you whether or not this is a good option.

“Appliance Garage” – Have a cupboard installed to hide counter appliances, allows for cleaner storage of the items, which can otherwise appear bulky in our kitchen. While realistically, they probably take up the same amount of space, your company will not know that.

Open Shelving – Open shelving is a great way to have your kitchen appear more open, while still allowing you to make great use of space. This space can either be used for display pieces that don’t get used often, or to make ease of access for everyday items. They take up a lot less space than traditional cabinets, while still offering the same level of storage. There is also a reduced cost, which is appealing to many first time homeowners.

Ultimately, every person is unique in how they utilize space within their kitchen, and these are just some of the possibilities. We would love to hear what your storage solutions are! Let us know in the comments.