The Kitchen of Dad’s Dreams! June 2021

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we wanted to share a few valuable tips for great gift ideas! This list is aimed at what we like to call the “Master Chef”  dad, who loves to spend time in the kitchen or at the BBQ!

Kitchen Features for Dad

  • A butcher block countertop is the dream brought to life for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen. It makes cutting, chopping and prepping so much easier and ages beautifully over time.
  • Connect your kitchen with the outdoors and create the Grill Master’s dream. Get things cooking by joining your kitchen to your patio, deck or outside living space. It is a great way to add a rustic vibe. Also, easy access to the BBQ! 
  • Quality use of your Overhead Space to impress your guests. This could mean a cool light fixture, unique shelving solutions, or hanging pots and pans over your island. Proper and efficient use of the overhead space is a great way to increase the sleek aesthetic without crowding your space.
  • While being a cook and being “masculine” don’t explicitly go hand-in-hand, they can in a really pleasing way with the right kitchen. To create the aesthetic of a Workmanlike Kitchen, consider implementing rustic or industrial pieces. Natural wood from floor to ceiling is one option. Pair that with simple greenery or spice jars for warmth. If you prefer the industrial route, individual overhead lights, exposed steel ducts, copper range hoods, and tall concrete or brick accent walls are just the beginning. Or you can opt to mix both options to get the best of either world.
  • But when it comes to rustic, nothing beats the feeling of wood. Giving your breakfast bar area or island a separate wood finish will create a calming separation from your kitchen’s countertops plus a comfortable place for your family or friends to relax!

Fun Kitchen Accessories He Will Love!

Looking for a special something for a dad who loves to cook and entertain? Here are a few great ideas; what we consider must-have items:

  • Whiskey Stones: one of the coolest gifts ever – no pun intended. A set of whiskey stones is not only a classy gift, they also help preserve the taste of the drink without diluting it how regular ice cubes do.
  • A Starbucks Verisimo: The Starbucks Verisimo machine will give you a Barista-Level Brew at an affordable price! Give him the gift of brewing and enjoying his favorite coffees in the comfort of home. 
  • A Cast Iron Grill Pan, because why not get dad a versatile pan that’s built to last? 
  • A good cutting knife because there is no greater pleasure than cooking a meal and preparing it with a sharp knife. A knife set is great, but many people will often use the same knife for almost anything. Give dad the go-to knife he’ll use for years to come.
  • Storage because no one will ever be disappointed by varying, efficient storage options for all of those delicious and goodies leftovers from fun barbecue nights! Buy dad a collection of good quality tupperware and he may be more enticed to cook up something delicious, knowing he has endless options to store the leftovers. 

We hope this provided you with some inspiration to give the gift of a sweet kitchen setup this year! Big or small, let’s make Father’s Day a smash-hit in the kitchen! Although we’ve provided you with many ideas for material gifts, it’s time spent together that truly matters. Please celebrate safely! Happy Father’s Day.