Trend Spotlight – White Kitchens!

We’ve seen so many colours and patterns dip in and out of style over the years. For kitchens in particular, this is definitely the case. All-white kitchens are one of those inexplicable, ageless designs that stand the test of time again and again. It’s amazing how, by taking this minimalist approach, you can get the maximum amount out of your kitchen space.

Yes: white walls, cabinets, counters, even decor may sound boring in theory, but in practice it’s truly anything but! One of the biggest reasons being that a white kitchen is completely versatile and nothing beats the fresh, clean simplicity and sophistication of white. These spaces literally feel more sanitary and white makes any room feel instantly bigger and brighter. It helps to look at a white kitchen as  a “Blank Canvas”, ready to flourish with your personal style and perhaps bolder colours in the smaller details. With a blank baseline you can customize the space with decor and accessories, hanging pots and pans, or anything that catches your eye.

When deciding to add colour to a white kitchen, try to keep it at three colours maximum, and ensure they’re all in the same palette or close to it. What you’re looking for is unity. For example, introducing a few organic and wood elements to an all-white kitchen creates a relaxing, warm atmosphere but avoids clutter. You’re looking for quality over quantity in your colour accents.

Tip: While you can use features such as furniture/cabinetry to create contrast, a smarter move may be using even smaller pieces like cookbooks, plants, bowls/vases; things that are easy to change. 

The team at Hawthorne Kitchens has the experience, craftsmanship and know-how to create your very own white custom kitchen. Get in touch today for some expert advice and to start making preparations for your own versatile, beautiful kitchen space!