Make Magic With Your Closet Space!

Imagine your home without your closet space. It’s a scary thought, right?

It is often overlooked but is definitely necessary to running your home efficiently.

Making the best use of the space you have is something that I think we all get lost with sometimes. Here are some tips on how you can turn that closet from mess to magic.

Store on the door – A lot of times, the space on the back of a closet door is overlooked, but this can be a great place to store jewellery or have a hanging shoe organizer.

Mirror magic – Hanging a mirror on the inside your closet can give the illusion of it being bigger.

Add lighting – Sometimes looking into our closet can be like a big black hole. Adding some light may make it easier to find the items you are looking for.

Use the floor space – Adding extra storage or shelving to the bottom of your closet allows you to store items there, without it turning into a hectic mountain of belongings.

Measure first – Before buying any closet organization, measure it to ensure that you are getting the right size, and try to purchase an organizer that fills the entire space. There is always the option to have one build custom as well.

Install a second hanging rod – So simple, yet so effective. Being able to hang your items on a second level can drastically help with organizing the space.

Even a large closet won’t solve your problems if you don’t know how to keep it classy and tidy!