Petite Kitchen – Big Personality!

We’ve talked about small kitchen spaces before, but we can’t get enough of them! A small space for a kitchen reno forces us to be more innovative than ever. Below are some more ways to make the best of your space while always keeping it classy in the kitchen.

Breakfast Counter: utilize the opening in your wall between your kitchen and living room (or create one) and build a counter space perfect for eating a quick meal! This will add character and free up the space eaten up by a traditional dining set.

Suspended Pot rack: the constant state of disarray of your pots and pans has a solution. Free up valuable space by installing a hanging pot and pan rack! This makes them easier to access and adds loads of character.

Lacquered Cabinetry: adding a lacquer finish to your cabinets makes them shine! The reflection of your kitchen in your shiny cabinets makes it appear endless.

With these simple tricks and the proper interior decorating you’ll be able to make any kitchen look grand! Your friends and family won’t believe it’s the same tiny kitchen!