Natural & Timeless Aesthetics in Bloom – May 2024

Complimenting Colour Tones in Kitchen

We’ve had our fair share of showers in April. It’s now time to switch perspectives into the mindset of “flourishing”  as we head into May! From the context of your home and namely, your kitchen, this can mean a lot of different things. The team at Hawthorne Kitchens Kingston wants your kitchen to reach its fullest potential and your wildest dreams. That’s why this month’s blog is about making the most of this space through changes that are timeless, functional and completely intuitive to the needs of any homeowner… all while incorporating the nature-based aesthetic principles that are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy – and hopefully, feel the inspiration to think about that beautiful kitchen upgrade you’ve always wanted. 

Integrating Nature’s Beauty Indoors

Custom Kitchen Trends for 2024 have shifted towards a more lush approach, with many design details being inspired by the hues, curves and textures found outdoors. Natural wood details and textural stone surfaces combined with either warm or cool nature-inspired tones creates a light and inviting feeling. Curved or soft shapes as opposed to harsh lines in your countertops, cabinetry and islands can also add to a welcoming feeling. Making the most of your lighting situation – both indoors and outdoors – is a step in the right direction when going for a seamless natural aesthetic, as you can see in the Hawthorne project images above. 

Function & Flair

In the present day, we crave things that make our lives less complicated, and yet, don’t complicate our precious space in turn. A minimalistic approach in the hub of your home can be very soothing. This means space-saving, chic and simple tools to help us get through our busy days. Ready to take your kitchen layout to a new level of calm and convenience? Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Multi-Function Islands: At one time, kitchen islands were just meant for food preparation. Today, they encompass everything you could possibly do in your kitchen, making it a space for preparing, serving and socializing.  
  • Minimalistic Aesthetic: This doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touches but approaching your decor from the standpoint of hidden storage solutions and appliances, open floating shelving and clear counters is always a great option. 
  • Smart Appliances: Phone app-integrations for your favourite kitchen appliances can make mornings a breeze! Other appliances such as touch screen refrigerators and voice-controlled microwaves can also be life changing. For more information on smart appliances, visit:

A Touch of Shimmer

Mixed metal accents are in, and we don’t see them leaving the scene anytime soon. They add dimension and an elegant, modern “pop” to your space, providing a captivating contrast against the more natural and calming tones many homeowners and kitchen designers are opting for. The combinations of brass, nickel and so forth truly depend on what kind of look you’re going for, but the key is to keep your finishes unified, each having enough exposure within the space allowing for repetition. A good method to go about it is to choose one metal for any of your taps/plumbing and choose an opposite colour for your other kitchen hardware. This can be a warm colour like satin brass, with a cool colour like polished nickel, or either of these paired with a black finish.

Beautiful, Nature-Inspired Surfaces

Stone countertops, such as quartz, have near endless benefits making them an incredibly popular choice. Quartz is resilient and timeless. They’re easy to clean and the non-porous nature makes these countertops very hygienic. They’re quite heat resistant, as well as scratch resistant and can be easily installed by the professionals at Hawthorne Kitchens Kingston. Ask about the versatile surfaces we can add to your home through our quartz options – the possibilities may surprise you! 

Refreshing Spring Recipes

Of course, we wouldn’t forget this part. Here is a fresh collection of fun and healthy recipes that we invite you to try out for dinner this month, even using some of your Farmer’s Market produce finds. Don’t be afraid to try something new this season – one of these could be your new “go-to” dish!

Spring is a time full of new possibilities and we hope this blog gives you some great ideas to step towards your next home improvement project. If you have any questions or are looking for a professional Kingston-based company to do the work, just reach out! We’re excited to work with you – and remember, kitchens are just the beginning of what we do here. The professionals at Hawthorne Kitchens Kingston look forward to bringing your vision to life.