So Much More Than Kitchens! – June 2024

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Summer is just around the corner, Kingston! We hope you’re feeling as excited as we are about this beautiful and energizing season. We share a lot of information about the custom kitchen designs we bring to life, but we wanted to remind you that our design expertise, attention to detail, top-quality craftsmanship and client-focused approach extends far beyond the hub of the home. 

Like we’ve said before, we are a truly unique company when it comes to working with you and your space. For example, when we design your cabinetry, it does not matter your budget or which door materials you choose:  the quality of the cabinet construction remains the same and we can adapt it to almost anywhere in your home! 

Join us for a unique spin on our monthly blog where we run through all the ways Hawthorne Kitchens can make the different areas of your home functional, blissful and beautiful. Stay with us until the end for our top 5 bathroom paint colour ideas for 2024! Enjoy. 

Beautiful Bathrooms

The choices you make in your bathroom countertops, cabinets, flooring and fixtures are equally as important as the choices you make in the kitchen. After all, you start and end your day in the bathroom. That’s why it’s so crucial to utilize this space in a way that speaks to you, comforts you and inspires you. Looking for a bathroom that not only checks all of your boxes in terms of aesthetic and functionally, but also stands the test of time? We can help!

Here are just two examples of the many bathrooms we have done – all with the craftsmanship and attention to detail you’ve come to expect in our kitchens. We’ve be sharing more examples on our social media this month!

Lighting Things up!

Whether it’s a kitchen design, a bathroom design, a mudroom update or anything in between, we know that how you illuminate the space can make a huge impact. That’s why we carefully consider all of these little details, too. We know that it’s the smaller details that often make the biggest difference in how your new space comes across. Here are just a few examples of our strategic lighting in action. 

Unique Storage Designs

Maybe you’re looking for better, discreet storage solutions around your home? Our skilled team at Hawthorne Kitchens has some pretty impressive experience with that, too! Whether it is a small hanging cabinet and cubby system to save space and keep the important things within reach, or a full-scale pantry upgrade to organize your non-perishable items for quick and easy access, we can design a layout that works with your lifestyle needs and desired home aesthetic.

Mudroom Cabinetry

Fun fact: We LOVE mud rooms at Hawthorne Kitchens!  To start, they stop messes in their literal tracks. These strategic rooms also limit clutter as most – if not all – of your seasonal outerwear is stored here. Mud rooms are also a great solution for much-needed storage space and functionality. Plus, they’re a fun space to customize and make your own; as vibrant or as subdued as you desire! It all depends on what you want the first impression of your home to be.  Here’s a look at some of the storage details and designs in just a handful of the fun mud rooms we’ve worked on. 

Where To Start?

If you’re starting to think about refreshing some of the spaces in your home, a great place to start is by having an “inspo” colour. This can be helpful in setting the tone for the rest of your design choices. Here are 5 trending paint colours for 2024 – perfect to use in your next bathroom reno! Creamy, warm off-whites, soothing, subdued blues and greens and subtle greys are all popular choices for your main bathroom. Vibrant, punchy colours like dusky ruby reds, emerald greens and topaz shades are a top choice for powder rooms! 

Keep in mind the paint finish you choose in your bathroom matters. Opt for either moisture-resistant satin or high/semi-gloss finishes to avoid mildew in these humid spaces.

We hope you have a beautiful start to the summer this June! We invite you to reach out to our custom kitchen experts if you decide it’s time to start planning your new dream space – we look forward to helping you. If you’re looking for more inspiration to prepare, please visit our Pinterest Board and our previous blogs. Designed for living, built for life.