Winter Kitchen Prep Tips! November 2021

Hello November

Hello November!

There is a distinct and nostalgic chill in the air, the days are getting shorter and the holiday season is on the horizon. While there are still many beautiful autumn days left to enjoy, now is the time to start thinking about prepping your house for those winter months. Specifically, your kitchen: the hub of your home. Your kitchen should make you feel happy, invigorated, inspired and calm, all at once. That’s why we compiled this great list of tips to make sure your kitchen continues to be a safe, cozy and comforting place.

PLUS: Stay tuned until the end for our recommendations on some great comforting recipes to cook up this November!

Don’t Skip Your Stove Maintenance.

Soon we will be starting to use the grill a lot less and will be moving our culinary creations inside. This is a great time to give your stove a thorough cleaning and inspection. Remove your burners/stove grates and drop bowls (ensuring the gas is turned off first) and give them a good scrubbing! Get into all the nooks and crannies with your dishrag. A clean stove means a more efficient stove.

Inspect and Insulate Water Pipes to Save Yourself From Potential Mid-Winter Turmoil.

If your pipes aren’t insulated correctly from the exterior wall, you can risk having them freeze. Trust us, it is a stressful and expensive undertaking when this happens. When in doubt, call the professionals. In the meantime, if you are still worried about your pipes, leave your sink cabinet open so that warm air can circulate in the area as well and contribute to keeping your pipes warm.

Also, turning your faucet to just a slight, slow drip is a great way to keep the water moving to ensure your pipes won’t freeze up when the temperature drops!

Clean your windows. 

Natural light can perk up the spirits on even the harshest winter day. Give your kitchen windows a thorough clean to brighten up the space and make sure you’re letting the maximum amount of light in!

Treat yourself to some new accessories or try revamping the space!

A new cutting board, fun new dish towels and gloves, or a new plant can breathe a new life into any kitchen space when you’re feeling uninspired! Rearranging artwork or decorative pieces can help with this, too. Sometimes all it takes is a “change of scenery” at home to leave you feeling energized. 

We also suggest donating mugs, plates or appliances that you never use and that are just taking up space.

Start Stocking Up On Those Winter Go-To’s

All those comfort foods and baking staples? Stock up on them now! Soup broths, frozen veggies, pastas, canned goods/sauces/preserves, oats, baker’s chocolate… the list goes on! Hit up your local fall Farmer’s Market to gain inspiration.

Recipes you HAVE to try this November!

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